DakshinaChitra Artist Research Fellowship


The DakshinaChitra Artist Research Fellowship invites artists, researchers and cultural producers from various disciplines, including and not limited to, the Visual and Performing Arts, Dance, Theatre, Music, Sciences, Astronomy, Philosophy and Mathematics, to formulate a minimum 1 year to maximum 5 year residency program at DakshinaChitra. The Fellowship requires a 3 to 6 months on-site base at DakshinaChitra. DakshinaChitra Fellows will focus on developing work that will instigate new and interesting trajectories for research that further the conversations critical to the mission of the museum. 

DakshinaChitra Artist Research Fellow 2014

DakshinaChitra is pleased to announce our inaugural DakshinaChitra Artist Research Fellow, Artist and Cultural Producer Jaret Vadera.


Jaret Vadera is an artist and cultural producer working between New York, Toronto, and India. Through his interdisciplinary practice, Vadera explores the poetics of translation, and the politics of vision.

In parallel to his exhibition career, he has worked as an organizer, programmer, curator, researcher, writer, editor, educator, and designer on projects that focus on using art as a catalyst for social change / justice.

Vadera completed his undergraduate education at Ontario College of Art and Design, and Cooper Union. He received his Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Art. And was recently named as one of the 2014 Future Greats in the latest issue of ArtReview Asia.

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Profile in the Deccan Chronicle, Jaret Vadera, by Shiba Kurian