Ikat house

Nalgonda District


The weavers house at DakshinaChitra from Nalgonda Dt, Telengana follows an age old traditional style locally known as bhawanti .The preferred plan is the chitra sala plan, with three bays (sections)and a small courtyard in the middle. Rooms are at the back. Building materials are the following – reapers are bamboo, beams are palmyra, roof tiles are semi circular in shape. If the owner can afford, the house will have an outside garden, bathroom and utility area enclosed by walls and a separate entrance. The plinth is made of stone blocks with mud mortars and the walls are either mud of sundried bricks. The weavers’ house plan is an adaptation of an agriculturist house. The house was constructed by local masons and carpenters after the same plan of the family house where Mr.Janardan grew up. Ikat, the technique of dyeing the yarn to form designs before putting the yarn on the loom is famous in Nalgonda district.