Try your hand at simple art and craft activities as you tour around DakshinaChitra.
Play traditional games too! Enjoy playing an array of board games, spin tops, break pots and even shake a leg...
Also take a peek at the contextual exhibitions in the houses that  explain some of the rich traditions of South India.

Weekend activities include

  • Traditional leather puppet show
  • Glass blowing demo
  • Traditional soothsayers (fortune – tellers)


May 2017

Museum Day

Photo Exhibition (10th - 30th May) and Presentation by Desikan Krishnan on 'Kanchi - Its Heritage, History, People and Culture'.A talk and presentation on the theme 'Museums and contested histories: Saying the unspeakable in Museum' by Sharath

May 2017

Workshops for Adults

Studio Pottery

Resource Person : Inhouse

Registration :

Workshop on studio pottery for adults

Terracotta Jewellery

Resource Person : Ms.Kantha

Registration :

Workshop on Terracotta Jewellery for adults

May 2017

Workshops for Children

Ceramic Miniature Animal Figurines

Resource Person : Mr.Potrarasan

Registration :

Workshop for children on miniature ceramic animal figurines

Activity Camp

Resource Person : Mr.Prabhu

Registration :

Activity camp for Children

Stencil Making and T-Shirt Printing

Resource Person : Mr.Prabhu

Registration :

T- shirt Printing and Stencil Making for children

May 2017


'Anant Varnaakram'

Exhibition of artworks by Ranga Lokanathan

'Efforescent Impressions, Emergent Perceptions'

Exhibition of Art works by Vishwajyoti

'Kanchi Its Heritage,History,People,and Culture'

Photo exhibition by Desikan Krishnan

DakshinaChitra’s New Media features curated program


DKC New Media will feature a curated program of film and video based work by leading and emerging artists. The broad focus of the works will center on Heritage, Culture, Politics and Socio-Economic conversations.  The program will introduce the museum visitor to contemporary video, film and new media produced by artists whose work is focused on South India, South Asia and/or the Global South. 

Films will be screened every weekend alongside our ArtDoco program.