Spaces Available for Social and Corporate Events

Corporate Events

DakshinaChitra has become a popular destination for many corporate houses to use our space for team building programs .Our guests get a unique glimpse into our past while engaging themselves in various hands-on activities of craftsmen, folk dances etc, which are everyday attractions of our museum.
If your visit coincides with any of the major South Indian festivals being celebrated at DakshinaChitra, then you will get to see some scintillating performances and maybe join them too. Recharge your energies in a scenic ambience at DakshinaChitra and enjoy a day of fun-filled activities with employees and their families.

Social Events

DakshinaChitra offers an extraordinarily beautiful venue with full facilities set among historical South Indian homes .Social events can be held at this unusual and memorable venue.


Photo shoot permitted at DakshinaChitra Museum. For ad films shooting - contact Ms. Vishalam - 9841423149. Film shooting is not allowed at the Museum.